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How do I get Windows 7 to display Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters on a non-administrator account?

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium. East Asian characters display as boxes in Itunes when I'm using my normal non-administrator account.

If I log in as the admin account, they display fine, so I know the correct font and language support is installed.

- The system font is Segoe UI for both accounts.
- The characters display fine in web pages and in Word documents, but not in Notepad or in Explorer.
- To be clear, I don't want to switch the UI language using a Language Pack. I just want to correctly display those East Asian unicode characters which I know are present in the Segoe UI font.
- It works just fine on the administrator account on the same machine!!!!

How do I get them to display correctly on the non-administrator account?
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Go to your Control Panel, select Clock, Language and Region, select Regional and Language Options, select Install or Uninstall display Languages.
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