Spave Invaders
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My son-in-law has requested a knitted Space Invaders hat. I have found a design source for the various Aliens shapes, but I'm missing the shooting turret. Do you remember the shape and the colors of the turret? I'm thinking green, but I have this nagging doubt that everything was white on a black background, in spite of the very colorful alien invaders images on Google search.
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Best answer: Screenshots!

I recently made a Space Invaders quilt -- memail me if you want me to send you the images I used for the tanks and the bunkers.
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Best answer: Yeah, based upon this and this green looks like the good choice.
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Best answer: Knitty's pattern has a chart for the shooter!
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Best answer: There were lots of versions. The canonical Taito Space Invaders arcade machine had a monochrome CRT with an overlay of colored plastic, so the color of everything depended on how far from the bottom of the screen it was.

Nobody who knows Space Invaders will complain if you make the bases and turret green.

This flash version is the closest I've found to my memory of the original arcade cabinet's shapes.
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Best answer: flabdablet has it...the flash version has the correct shapes...and i def remember the arcade version having a b/w screen, and some (not quite sure if all of them) had colored bands over the screen...3 or 4 colors to make it look like color...very corny

i would do white aliens with green shields/ships (including the ufo at the top), but i would do it on a deep blue background, or some sort of sparkly black yarn, just for style...

pictures, please! ;)
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Response by poster: i would do it on a deep blue background

I was planning on a black background, white aliens and green shields. I might consider bands of colored aliens instead.
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Best answer: Space Invaders was a black and white monitor with a green overlay on the bottom so you're choices are authentic.

In Space Invaders Deluxe: The game uses a monochrome monitor under an overlay with five color stripes: red at the top, orange (red dots on a yellow base), yellow, green (blue dots on yellow) and blue at the bottom. The images displayed are reflected off a half-silvered mirror, allowing the invaders to seem to float down out of a starry orange-wisp sky and lay seige to a blue moonbase.

Space Invaders was re-released several times by multiple companies and counterfeited slightly more than US currency, though, so almost anything goes. Here's a version complete with crooked color bands programmed in to simulate sloppy cabinet assembly for the sake of nostalgia.

If you could find varigated yarn that went from medium gray to not quite black that would make for a very cool black and white monitor effect, but how that would be received is dependent on your son-in-law's level of geekery. I'd probably go with a very dark grey.
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Response by poster: thanks everybody, especially the screen shots!
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i was suggesting deep blue to evoke how a black and white monitor isn't really neutral, but gives off a bluish glow...i also like kid charlemagne's suggestion to use very dark grey varieagted yarn (poss with ever-so-slightly bluish aliens?)...whatever colors u go with i am sure it will be awesome... ;)
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