Your top 3 book recommendations for job hunters?
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Your top 3 book recommendations for job hunters?

Title pretty much says it all.

Especially interested in books that break down how recruiters think / source candidates.
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60 Seconds And You're Hired is great for interview strategies.
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I recommend the flower exercise (stupid name but truly efficient, great stuff) in the back of "What Color Is Your Parachute" to my candidates who aren't sure what they want to be when they grow up. They usually spend a weekend in a coffee shop with just a pad of paper and something to write with and wind up with some great insights. After completing the exercise it won't tell you to go become a vet, for example, but it will tell you what's critically important to you in a number of different areas that aren't all that intuitive.

The rest of the book is terrific for actually going after your dream job, once you've figured out what that is.

Best of luck!

P.S. The flower exercise is what prompted me to switch fields from lawyering to recruiting. I didn't actively go after recruiting, but when someone mentioned I might be really good at this, my results from the exercise really forced me to see this path in a whole new light. And thank goodness! Easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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Emotional Intelligence
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What Color Is Your Parachute helped me change careers. It has great advice about where to look for work, and how to look for work. It also has a great message: have faith, and believe in yourself.
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Let's All Find Awesome Jobs

Written by a recruiter, it takes you through the entire process, from application to interviews. It changed the way I write cover letters. I've also bought several copies for friends, who all agree it's brilliant.

Check out the reviews for more testimonials.
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