Android Media Player alternative to smartphone?
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Is there an Android -based media player that I could tweak to use as a smartphone?

I know I could grab an iPod Touch and a MiFi device and use that in lieu of an iPhone, but I'd prefer Android if possible. Is there an Android alternative to the iPod (that accesses the android marketplace), that I could use to connect to WiFi and use with Google Voice?

The things I must have: Google search, Gmail, and Google Voice. Maps and/or Navigation would be a plus.

I'm trying to avoid cell phone contracts and hefty data plan fees. Thanks in advance!
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The problem with this plan, at least as far as the iTouch/MiFi configuration goes, is that you can make outgoing calls, but unless you have the Mifi running and the GV/Skype/whatever app open at all times, you can't receive calls.
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Best answer: just pick up a virgin mobile phone at any electronics store...i was using mine with just wifi (full access to market, etc) for a full month before activating it...optimus v, here (only $129!)...the motorola triumph looks pretty fancy, too...also, virgin is good about not burdening their phones with a bunch of crapware...and their plans are excellent (sprint service) if you change yr mind and want to activate it later...
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($45/mo for 1200min/unlimited data and texting, no contract) FWIW...
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Response by poster: @Oktober I actually rarely answer calls anyway. i usually let it go to VM. :P
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Response by poster: @sexyrobot so you're saying i could use a virgin mobile phone w/o purchasing a plan? just turn it on and go? never even occurred to me!!
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yep...picked up the optimus when it was new and hard to find with most of a month left on my old plan...turned it on and found that it all worked on wifi...'activate phone' is just an app...
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With respect to the Galaxy S Wifi mentioned above, the latest iterations of them are available off the shelf at Best Buy now -- look by the iPods, not the phones -- along with at least one other similar Android device, if memory serves. Spec-wise they are essentially the same as the Galaxy S phones except for having an LCD display instead of AMOLED; this puts them ahead of all of the Virgin Mobile Androids except the Motorola Triumph, and I'd imagine the same is probably true of the other prepaid Androids as well.
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