What is a good model of corded shaver?
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a corded (not battery-powered) electric shaver?

Typically I use a safety razor to shave, and I'm looking for a faster option--mainly for days when I don't want to go through the whole process of wet-shaving before work. I figure that with a corded shaver I could shave more frequently without irritation, and save the safety razor for when I want a really close shave.

Not interested in battery-powered models. I want something I can take out of a drawer and have ready every time, and not worry about charging or having the cord fall out when I use it.

I see that Norelco has a model (6940) that fits the bill, but I think I would prefer a foil system to a rotary (if I could get a new Remington MS2-100, I probably would). What's out there?
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The best models of electric shavers almost universally have batteries... but most of them can be used plugged in. Are you such an XTREME shaver that the cords fall out of shavers as you use them?
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I should note that the plug for my Norelco model is pretty damn secure, and I regularly shave with it plugged in without any problems with falling out. It's a rubberized connector, not the slippery metal-all-around sort that you may be thinking of as fall-out prone.
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Norelco rotary shavers are terrific. I've been using them since sixth grade. Also, there is no realistic scenario in which the cord would fall out of your shaver.

I've used a foil shaver, and I found it lacking, as I have a neck and a chin. I briefly had a Remington foil shaver, and I just couldn't get it to work conveniently around my joints and hinges. Then again, different strokes for different folks.
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Oh, and the charge on the Norelco lasts for days, and if you don't want to put up with charging, you could just use it with the cord in.
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Thank you all for the responses so far.

I last used an electric shaver over a decade ago--I think it was a Braun--and it had a coiled cord which, yeah, would come out during the normal, non-XTREME course of shaving. It was designed to charge, not power the shaver during operation.

I'm sure that there are plenty of great battery-powered models that are designed with corded operation in mind, but that's not really what I had in mind. For me, using a tool having simple utility with no superfluous accessories gives me particular pleasure--that is why I have used a double-edged safety razor for so long. An online reviewer for the discontinued Remington summed up my thoughts exactly when praising the lack of a "toxic battery that fails and needs special disposal after a few years". Not that it would spoil my day to know I shaved with a device that I know had a pointless, unused battery inside, but my aim was to find out whether anyone knew of a good shaver that just fit my particular needs precisely.

I get that this is finicky of me, and I'll probably just end up buying the Norelco with the rotary heads. But if I had my druthers, I'd have a foil system, corded shaver with no battery, no lotion dispenser, no charging stand, no floating rotary head, etc. I'm just checking to see if that's out there.
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In my opinion there is no good model of corded shaver.

I've been where you are now...thinking a corded shaver would be ideal...no charging, ready to go whenever, etc. I searched around and found what I thought was ideal a few years ago (cannot remember brand or model) and returned the item immediately.

The reality I discovered was that the cord (coiled or straight) really seriously gets in the way while using an electric shaver. Electric shavers require a lot of weird angling and moving around to be effective and a cord just negates this.

My current Braun shaves in a pinch with the cord connected, no disconnects.
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I have had many electric shavers, corded and not and, by far the best is my Panasonic Wet/Dry shaver from about two years ago. It's simply the best and I have not had a single problem with it. The model I have has been superseded by this one which I expect is even better.

One thing that really stands out about the shaver is how fast it shaves. It can really mow down a face in a hurry.

Although I use it cordlessly, the fit on the recharge cord is so tight on mine that I seriously doubt it will get pulled out. I don't use the cleaning/recharge stand at all and just clean it with bar soap as per the manual. Takes about 20 seconds to do.
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(Also: the cord on the Panasonic is not one of those infuriating, tightly-coiled affairs but rather is a medium-weight appliance cord that is fairly supple. It seems as though they thought corded use through a bit.)
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I have the Braun Series 7, which is an impressively built piece of machinery. It has a battery, but you can also just plug it in. It also has a base, which can clean, lubricate, and charge the razor if you wish. Because of the dock, I never have issues with it charging, I just put it into the base when I'm done shaving. And the battery is very impressive, I've used it for 2+ weeks on vacation without having to worry about charging. I've had it for nearly 3 years now and the battery life is still great.
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