Can I move a T-Mobile SIM card to another T-Mobile device?
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Can I purchase a prepaid T-Mobile phone from, say, Walmart, activate it with a plan, and then put that SIM card into my older off-contract T-Mobile phone and expect it to work?
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Yes. You don't need to buy the phone, though. You can get the SIM only for $10 with $5 of calling credit. Just walk in to any T-Mobile store.
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As far as I know, yes. I have had success going the other way -- buying a prepaid T-Mobile phone and using my normal (postpaid) T-Mobile SIM card in it. (Great way to get a dirt-cheap "backup" phone.)
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Seconding that there's no reason to buy the phone - I have taken off-contract mobile phones into the store and gotten a SIM card and a prepaid plan. They don't care.
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I have found that it's usually cheaper (or the same price) to buy a phone as it is to buy the SIM. But yes, this absolutely works, I've done it more than once.
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I recently bought a prepaid SIM card kit on Amazon, activated it online at T-Mobile and started using it in a T-Mobile phone within minutes. (I really wanted the new unlimited data plan for $30 and T-Mobile stores can't activate on that plan). So if getting to a store is a hassle, you do have a cheaper, but more involved option.
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