Cheap customized folders?
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Need to produce a professional-looking folder for a nonprofit with next to zero money for it. This would be used to make simple donor kits (fact sheets, press clippings inside). Looks like printing a color cover on a standard folder is nearly a buck/per. Anyone have ideas on using bulk blank folders and doing something clever with stickers or something (though it sounds ugly just thinking of it)? Other ways to make a kit?
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Can you be more specific about what you mean by "folder"?

I'd suggest "just throw hundreds of them in the tray of a colour office printer", but maybe you're talking about ring-binders? Plastic project covers?
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Response by poster: Pocket folder.
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At my shoestring-budget former employer we did, in fact, use stickers, and it looked fine.

Two key things: 1) get the smoothest folders you can. Very smooth, matte finish folders (not glossy, not the kinda-pebble-grain that you get for .09 each). White is best. 2) Use a small, round sticker in the lower right-hand corner with your logo on it. Don't try to cover the entire front. Keep it very, very simple.
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How much is black and white printing on a folder? Or maybe print on an 11x17 inch sheet and fold it over the front on the top and bottom of the folder and glue it.

Or, keep it blank and just paperclip a business card to the front.
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^totally agree. I've seen nice things done with pocket folders (matte) in a color that compliments your logo + Avery stickers with your logo on it.
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You want these. I would also spend the extra money and have the printing done professionally.
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You might also want to include some mention in the copy about the cost savings of the materials. I know that receiving big glossies from a charity (potential or one I've already donated to) pisses me off: I gave them money to further their mission, not to blow on something that'll hit the recycling bin 5 minutes after it crosses my doorstep in an attempt to blow smoke up my ass.

I tend to be more likely to donate to organizations that use black and white materials to direct me to online resources.
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Staples print shop does our folders with a 1 color logo and the quality is ok. We have to fold them ourselves. Otherwise consider buying shiny blanks and having nice labels printed up.

This is the main staples number you need to call, not your local store.
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We get stickers professionally printed (they were designed in-house) and stick them on shiny, color-coordinated folders. The stickers cost something like $50 for 500 (just call your local printshop for these - you can probably score some kind of nonprofit discount).
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I'll try out the round stickers, that's a good idea. Maybe try a natural/recycled folder, if there are decent cheap ones in bulk.
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The Sticker on a blank folder almost always look cheap and unprofessional. You can print a simple one or two color job on a heavy wt stock and then apply stick-on pockets on the inside . That's fairly cheap. I've also done a "sleeve" where the contents slide in and out but nothing "opens". usually cheaper to print than a folder.
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My small company purchased a A3 colour inkjet printer.

We print out on both sides of A3 high quality heavy weight "brochure" paper to make folders which look fantastic. Inside "stick-on pockets" I hadn't thought of ... but will consider now.
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