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Where can I find software to control the horizontal width, and pincushioning of my video-card output?

The displayed image on my NEC MultiSync M700 has stretched horizontally beyond the monitor edges, and is pinCushioned. The monitor's On-Screen-Display horizontal width and pincushion controls no longer function.


Monitor is physically broken.


I have no spare money for repairs, or a new monitor.

**Question Extended**

I'm looking for software that can squish the video-card signal horizontally and make the edges bulbous, hence somewhat reversing the effects of the broken monitor.

NVidia GeForce2 MX - Windows XP

( Note: NEC's NaViSet software was no help.
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Best answer: Try Powerstrip :

It should allow you extremely fine control over your video card output, and the trial version will work indefinitely.
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Response by poster: Powerstrip let me squish the screen back into view. It doesn't seem to support pincushion control, but even still, my computer is usable again.

Thanks LP.
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One thing I should say, while your monitor is in this condition, it should be somewhat easy to repair, and reasonably cheap to have repaired.

When it finally blows up, it will go in the trash.

Just saying...
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