What's a durable way to label Ikea Slom and Ihärdig jars?
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What's a durable way to label Ikea Slom and Ihärdig jars?

I'm storing dried herbs and spices in Slom jars of various sizes and in one or two Ihärdig spice jars, and I need a way to label them that's as resistant to wear, tear, and water as possible. It doesn't matter if the top, side, or bottom is labelled -- I just want it to last.

For the Slom jars, I know some people paint the lid with chalkboard paint, but I'm looking for other options.
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stencils and glass etching cream, easy peasy.
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Best answer: example
inverted (and prolly easier to read)
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Wax pencil? Or lab markers?
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If the spices came labelled bag I cut off the label and put it inside the jar up against the side. For bail style containers I use metal rimmed tags like these from Avery.
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Best answer: make a small paper label, and attach it to the bottle with clear packing tape, making sure that the paper is sealed in by the tape all the way around - this will last a long time and be washable as well. If you are careful and make sure the tape doesn't wrinkle, it looks pretty good too.

For permanent labels, you could get porcelain markers at an art supply store - then you write on the jar and bake the glaze onto the glass.
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Best answer: If you want it to look snazzy and semi-professional, I recommend a Brother labeler. I have this one, but the specific labeler you use is less important than the label tape. That stuff stays on through the dishwasher, sticks forever, then peels off cleanly when you want to remove it. I never realized how many things cried out for labels until I bought a Brother labeler.

There are also labels available you can write on by hand, erase and rewrite, and they also stick forever. This is just one iteration; they come in various sizes for different purposes.
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I have all my spices in glass jars from the dollar store. My partner used a glass paint pen to write the name on them, and then we baked them in the oven to set the paint. They're completely durable, washable, etc. We had paper labels before, but then we could never wash them. I think we used something like this.
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Oh, oops, sorry 5_13_..., just noticed you already suggested those pens...
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I love this trick. Chalkboard paint !
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Oops. Read... then comment. Sorry.
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You want it to be permanent?

In college we used to have an "underground whisky drinking club" where we'd sign the bottle after consuming it. Sharpies and CD-pens were unsatisfying, and we ended up using a dremel with a stone tip to etch it.

It's easy to do, especially after some practice, as evinced by that extremely drunk people can do it and no-one had ever hurt themselves. However, I'd still recommend some basic eye and hand protection in case the glass bottle shatters (which it never did).
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I also love my labeling machine, and I used clear tape with black ink to label my spice containers. However, I'm not sure how durable they would be. For the Slom jars, I would use hanging tags, I think, probably tied with packing string. You could take the labels off to wash the bottles, and switch ingredients as necessary.
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A label from a Dymo or Brother label maker survived two years at the bottom of a kitchen sink at work.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I went with flat paper labels, secured with clear packing tape, on the lids of the Slom jars. The Ihärdig jars are trickier because they're round and the lid isn't very label-able, so I'll be keeping an eye out for something similar to what Horselover Phattie linked.
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