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I have a 2003 Honda Elite 80 and it has almost zero storage space. I was going to throw on one of those plastic crates that you find at the grocery stores, but these days they are much bigger. Does anyone know where I could find storage out for the back rack of my scooter outside of these plastic crates?
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A cycle shop should sell a locking box, but it might be difficult to mount on your scooter. I have a Honda Beat (125cc scooter, maybe named different in the States) but it can't take the box without a lot of trouble. The stupid compartment under the seat won't even fit my helmet. I'd have gotten a Kow instead, but the Kows weren't in stock and I had no time to wait.
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Couldn't you cut the crate into three pieces, toss out the middle section and then duct-tape or wire it together?
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Looks like you could use a smaller crate there buddy.. metal maybe?
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There's an Italian company, Givi, which does nothing but make luggage for motorcycles and scooters.
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I bought a collapsable metal basket at a bicycle shop for ~$10 and that worked great on my Elite. It came with hardware to screw it on, but the vibrations of the scooter made the screws come loose and fall out. I ended up fastening it on with plastic cable ties, which worked excellently.
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I don't know if these would work, but I've heard great things about them: kitty litter/garbage can panniers. They're meant for bicycles but I imagine they could be easily modified to work with scooters.

Cobbworks sells kitty litter panniers, here's a homemade version using garbage cans, and a homemade version using kitty litter or, as the author refers to them, Buckets of Doom.

There's much more info on homemade panniers here.
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