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Mass general, Beth Israel, UMass Worcester, or brigham and women's for pancreatitis and necrosis?

My mom went in Sunday and has pancreatitis. Thought it was getting better but after the most recent cat scan we learned necrosis is occurring and she needs to new transferred to a different hospital for care and possible surgery involving the debriding of the pancreas and removal of gallbladder.

Does anyone have any experience at any of these hospitals with this type of situation? We ve requested brighams and now need to wait 3-4 hours to see if they have a bed. In case that falls through we would like to be prepared with backups as that she cant stay at our local hospital for too long. I realize you are not my doctor and we have prepared as much as we can with a great medical staff. I'm just looking for experiences with the above listed hospitals. Thanks for your help!
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In terms of the Boston hospitals, you've listed three of the best. I don't think you're going to get substandard care at any of them.
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Yes, you have picked the top 3 hospitals in the Boston metro area, as well as top-ranked in the U.S.
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I can't speak to MGH's care (I used to work for them but was never a patient), but they are in the top rated in the country. I have extensive experience with Beth Israel Deaconess involving both surgery and aftercare. My care and treatment at BI was exceptional (thyroidectomy/thyroid cancer)
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I had surgery at MGH. The procedure was fine. My doctor was great. I had to stay for four days in a very noisy semi-private room. I had lots of students come by to look at my incision. That wasn't fun.

Two years ago I had my gallbladder out in an outpatient procedure at Emerson Hospital in Concord. It was a much better experience.

Best of luck to your mom. I hope she's feeling better soon.
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