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I would like to identify and/or locate the fonts used in this label so I can create something similar. This design was a free download to use with a Martha Stewart recipe but I'd like to tweak it a bit for my own use. I dig the fonts, though! Close up of font can be seen here. The downloadable pdf is here.
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Edwardian Script is the closest I can think of for the smaller text.
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Also, I think the all-caps is Century.

Edwardian Script
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Do you think the dots are added afterward then?
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Yes, most likely. The lines can be done like this, and if made in separate layers, simply moved layer-by-layer onto each letter. You could use "warp layer" for the O.
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The script font is Adobe Bickham Script Pro.
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Can't identify the font itself but this website has a lot of really cool fonts--I'm sure you could find something similar, especially under the Fancy > Retro section.
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The main font, according to What The Font's algorithm, is Hoefler Text Black, with the dots added afterwards. Looks good to me. It agrees about Bickham Script, too.
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A decent freeware script might be something like England Hand. The Script section on FontSquirrel has some other decent options.

For the serif font, have a look at the bold variant of Lora.
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Thank you everyone! "What the font!" --what a great resource. I think I can recreate what I'm looking for with these suggestions.
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