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Does anyone have a Minneapolis Mortgage Broker that they really loved and would love to recommend to my wife and I?

Mrs. Zombie and I will be looking to buy a house sometime in the next year or two in the area of Linden Hills or Uptown Minneapolis and we need to figure out where we need to be financially for what we want to purchase; and we would like to start that process soon.

We'll be first time buyers, so hand-holding will be needed :)
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Mrs. VTX and I bought our first home earlier this year. Our real-estate agent came highly recommended by my brother and I would recommend her as well. She sent us to this loan officer. She isn't a broker as she only works with one mortgage company but we found her rates to be competitive and the experience was great.

She does a ton of loans for first time home buyers and will find any relevant government programs in your area for. Both her and her assistant were great at explaining everything we needed explained. I highly recommend both her for your mortgage and the real-estate agent I linked too.
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Check your memail!
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I just memailed you too. Good luck!
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