house party keg delivery in toronto?
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any recommendations of good places in toronto to order a keg, and includes delivery/pump?

steamwhistle seems expensive... but i'm open to it if need be if the reviews are favorable. i'd ordered from Great Lakes before, but from their website, it seems like they might not offer it anymore (SAD FACE)!

the other front-runner is the Granite Brewery, but i'd have to go pick it up -- for convenience factor, would really appreciate any recommendations that include the delivery factor!

thank youuuuu.
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mmmm. steam whistle.
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fyi, i LOVE steamwhistle so much i just favortied my own comment. thats how i roll.
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sorry, i should be more informative. i have found that steamwhistle is about on par price wise and you end up with much better beer, and the service fee is equivalent to the tap rental at the beer store, so delivery becomes kind of a wash...
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Best answer: chasles, you favoriting that comment is my favorite. also, i love steamwhistle.

ALSO: i just answered my own question via a bunch of phone calls, making me feel kind of sheepish. but now i need to share...

58L keg of horseshoe lager
delivery of keg + pump
pickup of keg + pump once you've polished it off (you just call them & they come fetch!)

= $188.

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whoa! thats pretty good!! right around a buck a beer! so since i favorited myself are you going to mark your own as the best answer??
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Response by poster: WATCH ME!
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