IT Employment Situation in Yorkshire
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My girlfriend and I are relocating to York in the fall from Canada. My background is in software development for Windows (.NET, BizTalk, SQL). What is the employment situation in Yorkshire for folks like me?

We are still flexible about where exactly to live, but my gf has her heart set on York for family and sentimental reasons. I'd be happy to work anywhere within an hour's commute, if need be (which brings in Leeds, anyway).
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you're much more likely to find work in leeds/bradford than york, i think, but i'd guess it's a bit more than an hour's commute. probably depends which side of leeds. some discussion here. have you looked at places like the yorkshire post might have local job listings.

i'm from round there (knaresborough), but have never worked in that area. unfortunately, no-one i know back home works in software development.

anyway, i understand leeds is dong pretty well, so if you're looking for work outside london, it's probably as good as anywhere. i'm not sure where else would be that good, really - certainly not within an hour of york (have you been to york? it's pretty, but it's only called a city because it has a very big church - it's really just a town).

my sister lives slightly south of there (tadcaster) and is paying crazy prices for housing. i think there's a couple more people from round that area who post here, so hopefully you'll get more info. and if i get back to the place in october, hows about a yorkshire meetup?
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Leeds is doing well. Lots of big software projects going off here at the moment. It's only 20 minutes or so by train from York, too. I'm in computing in Leeds and we get quite a lot of grad level vacancies advertised here - if you're after that level of stuff drop me an email.

House prices in York are bonkers. Bits of Leeds are still fairly cheap. If I were making the decision, I'd choose to live in Leeds and visit York (the commute is nothing for a visit but I suspect it'd grind you down fairly quickly if you had to do it daily). And Leeds is a great city - really on the up at the moment. (Leeds=young,vibrant,trendy,bit rough in places, York=small,twee,pretty,bit rough in places - but maybe you know that already).

(Yorkshire meetup? Hell yes.)
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Yeah, I don't have much in the way to offer as far as jobs, but handee's right that living in Leeds and commuting to York for family events/weekends would be more fun with better job opportunities.
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