How do I ship an iPad to Cambodia?
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What's the best way to deliver an iPad from Vancouver to Cambodia?

Our company had a contest with an iPad as a prize, and the winner was in Cambodia. I was hoping there would be some kind of online Cambodian Apple Store I could purchase it from and get the free shipping, but that doesn't appear to exist. The other option is to buy an iPad and drop it in the mail, but I'm not sure what kind of customs issues we'll face (even if it's a gift) and a friend from Vietnam warned me about packages (especially high tech items) mysteriously vanishing when being shipped to that region. Suggestions?
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In person definitely - that way you know the package arrives and you get to see Cambodia...not quite the answer you're looking for right?

Fedex or another large multinational shipping agency would probably work as they have to trace the package at all times until signed by the receiver - you also pay insurance on this package so that if it doesn't make it you can claim the insurance and get a replacement.
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Ship on an insured and tracked service - there are plenty to chose from. Offer to pay customs fees if you want or let the winner cover them.
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Seconding FedEx. I sent an iPad to Libya last year via FedEx and it arrived without a hitch in about a week. Cost was about $75.
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