What to do with empty six packs?
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I have empty six packs of 17 different varieties of a particular brand of beer. What should I do with them?

I've accumulated them over the last few years of living in my current apartment. I'm moving this month, and am doubtful that I'll have room in the new place for 102 empty beer bottles.

Should I keep them (whether by storing in a closet, combining in a decorative way, or some such), sell them (whether eBay, Craigslist, etc.), or recycle them?

If it helps, the six packs are of various flavors of Shiner beer. I have pics & can post them if need be. I got started on this back in 2007 when I took a tour of the Spoetzel Brewery (makers of Shiner) & they said a lot of the specialty bottles were collectors items.

I welcome your input & suggestions.
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Recycle them, who needs all that stuff?
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If it matters to you, and it seems to, I'd keep one of each and make some kind sculpture/art piece out of them -- something to do with light shining through them.

Call it "seventeen varieties of shine"
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Post 'em on Ebay and see if anybody is willing to pay for them?
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Seconding E-bay. People (like myself) collect beer bottles, E-bay has all sorts of listings for them. They're worth more if there's still beer in them, but you should be able to get something for sets. You could even split them up into five different sets and keep one for yourself like Philip-random suggests.

If you do keep them, I suggest displaying them somewhere that they can be back lit. It's a nice effect.
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If you can't sell them, put them up on Freecycle. Home brewers could use the bottles, as long as they're brown glass.
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The bottles are only valuable to a homebrewer if they are pop tops and not twist off caps. It is hard as hell to seal twisties without a special machine. Also, they should be clean as mold is really bad for brewing.
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I didn't even think about the twist off thing and I think all Shiner bottles are twist off, so scrap that idea.
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You could make a beer bottle chandelier.
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...or a Christmas tree!
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Bottle tree!!! Neat, folk history, I'm making one now. Keep the 'haints' away!!
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If it's of any interest, in many larger cities there are a few glass-workers and artisans who will make 22oz bottles into drinking glasses, relatively inexpensively. Maybe you could recycle half, and turn the rest into a new dish set.
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