I need help finding a weird, obscure board game from the 80s/90s.
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I'm looking for a board game, which was called (I think) Tasteful Pursuit...

When I was young my father worked for a company that sold food products to restaurants. Through this association, he somehow acquired a promotional item from the National Restaurant Association (?), a board game called Tasteful Pursuit. Ha, ha, ha! So clever! It was a Monopoly type game, from the perspective of a restaurant owner. I remember a Chance/Community Chest type card about cinnamon rolls, and that the sections were divided up into categories like produce, beverages, paper goods, etc.

Has anyone seen this or know where I could get a copy? I was not forward-thinking and added this to a Goodwill pile as a teenager, not sensing how much I would miss this piece of my childhood. I google and all I get is a similarly named program from the non-profit Share Our Strength.

Thanks for your help!
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Have you poked around Board Game Geek? If it exists, chances are they have an entry for it.
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Yeah, GilloD is right, check out BoardGameGeek. For instance, here is a game that sort of *looks* like Monopoly (although it doesn't apparently play that way): Fast Food Franchise. I would try to search on the theme and content of the game more than the title, because the title might have been changed due to copyright issues (wouldn't be the first time that happened to a game).
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