Every man wants a shark or yeti of his own. How though?
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I want to adopt a shark (or yeti) for a friend on a limited budget. Any suggestions?

It's a bit late, but I wanted to get a thank you/you're swell present for a friend who was the witness at our wedding. He likes sharks (and yetis), so I thought it would be really cool to get him one of his own. I've looked at various shark adoption websites, but we can't really afford more than $150 right now which means no Shark Tracker. I was surprised to see there aren't any yeti adoption groups! (Well... a little. It's a good novelty idea, right?)

MeFi, help me out! What would be something cool that I could do or get for my friend that would be like giving him a shark or yeti of his own and let him know that we appreciate him being there for us on our big day. His tastes tend to be in the slightly weird, but mid-century style I guess? He's a grown man with no kids, so nothing too cute or geared towards the under-10 set.
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Most nationally known aquariums have an adoption program like this which allows you to adopt a shark for someone as a gift. The one I linked to is tax-deductible, costs either $25 or $75, depending on your budget.
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Um, I couldn't resist googling for "buy a yeti." There's a lot of freaking ice coolers. But I also found Adult Yeti Hat and Bigfoot Garden Yeti and a band called Yeti Lane and freaky DVDs and Reaper Warlord Yeti Shaman and similar toys and a comic book and other literature...
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I'm a big fan of the research and conservation efforts of the non-profit Pelagic Shark Research Foundation. They have Team Pelagic shirts for $32.
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WWF Nepal do habitat protection. If they're out there, they'll thank you.
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