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Please help me come up with a list of great cross-discipline collaborations throughout history.

An example of what I'm looking for is Salvador Dalí working with Alfred Hitchcock on Spellbound — a specific occasion of two people already famous in their own fields working on a project together.

I'm not looking for stories of two musicians — or two visual artists, etc. — working together, because they already work in the same medium. Additionally, film is already such a collaborative medium that I'd like to find examples from other realms if possible. Any stories of the arts crossing into business or politics or the like would be great. Go as far back in history as you like.

Thanks in advance!
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David Byrne and Twyla Tharp: The Catherine Wheel
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Mind Fields, with words by Harlan Ellison and art by Jacek Yerka.
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... Oh, and don't know if this qualifies as "great," but Lonely Avenue by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
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Chuck Close and Philip Glass
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These are all great, keep them coming!
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I came in to say David Byrne and Twyla Tharp, so instead I will mention that Dali also worked with Walt Disney on an unfinished animated film.
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the arts crossing into business or politics or the like

There are lots of propaganda examples. Frank Capra and General Marshall, John Dos Passos and Hemingway with Joris Ivens, or a much less pleasant one: Riefenstahl and Hitler.

As more marginal example of two famous people collaborating, without a concrete "work", perhaps Muhammad Ali and Elijah Muhammed promoting the NOI?
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This is a bit of an edge case, since it's more like "one famous person and two people who aren't famous except perhaps in their specific fields," but given the conjunction of professions I can't not mention the Wade-Dahl-Till cerebral shunt, a medical device invented by hydraulic engineer Stanley Wade, neurosurgeon Kenneth Till, and, yes, author Roald Dahl.
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Rosalind Franklin (x-ray crystallography) and Watson/Crick on DNA.
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