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Recommend some superhero comics to me.

I have read and liked Flex Mentallo. What else like it can I read?

I vastly prefer closed series with a single author/team to open-ended/ongoing projects that have passed through many hands. Personal preference. Well-contained arcs within larger series are ok, though. Having to do with superheroes isn't a total necessity, but preferred.
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Watchmen is the obvious suggestion if you haven't already read it.
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From the same author: All Star Superman, Doom Patrol, Animal Man.

For other superhero books that are "about" superheros check this thread.
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Ex Machina, though I never got to read all of it.

Moore's Swamp Thing is a super classic for a reason.

Incognito is a sort of self-contained superhero world that's slightly tongue-in-cheek.
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Invincible is a good book that doesn't take itself too seriously, and is still written by its creator, Robert Kirkman (he also writes The Walking Dead).

It's an ongoing series, but it isn't split into/across a half dozen books like many other series.
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Tom Strong.
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Hellboy. To quote Alan Moore on the back of one of the trades: "The collection in your hands distills all that is best about the comic book into a dark, intoxicating ruby wine." Yep.
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Starman Volume 2 (James Robinson) requires no real background from the original (you basically need to know "his father was a superhero"), and is a fantastic read.
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If you can find them, Moore's books on Supreme are freaking awesome.
Supreme: The Story of the Year and Supreme: The Return do a fantastic job of switching back and forth from 90s art styles to Golden Age and Silver Age pastiches. Comes complete with an incarnation mythos, alternative worlds, future wars, time travel, and animal sidekicks.

You might also like Powers by Brian Michael Bendis. It's not quite as out there as Flex Mentallo, but it's a great police procedural on superheroes. Plus Oeming's art is aces.
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Atomic Robo is an awesome comic about an intelligent robot constructed by Nicholas Tesla who fights various threats with the power of ACTION SCIENCE. It's clean and clever and enjoyable by all ages.

The Goon is a lovingly drawn ongoing tale of slapstick horror, inbred children, evil zombies, booze, and bad behavior. No one (well, maybe Bernie Wrightson) draws pustulant undead grotesques better than Eric Powell. "Knife to the eye!"
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I cant recommend Astro City enough. One writer, super heroes self contained mythology and great story arcs.
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Alan Moore's Top Ten is a favorite of mine, particularly Top Ten: The Forty-Niners.

Forty-Niners has gorgeous retro styling, robots, WWII flying aces in love, superhero cops, vampires, and Joan of Arc in a tiny spaceship. It's pretty great.
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If you can get your hands on the original 102 issue run of Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, you'll get many multi-issue story arcs interspersed with lots of shorter self-contained stories. As well as gradual character development, humor, tragedy, action on a grand scale, intermittent crossovers by other heroes in the Marvel Universe, some of the best artwork ever done in the comics medium and a great overview of many of the recurring themes in superhero comics. Marvel practically invented the concept of continuity in superhero comics, and it's never been demonstrated as well as it was in these first 102 issues.

Oh, and Watchmen was pretty good, too.
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Ditto on Ex Machina, Astro City and Atomic Robo.

Also, I have a soft spot for Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. - it's one of my favorites at the moment, but it might be a bit... irreverent for some.
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I haven't read Flex Metallo, so this may not work, but the Peter Milligan run on X-force/X-Statix is wonderful. The first part is contained within an ongoing series, but he ignores everything that had come before and creates a brand new team for the first issue of his run.

I'm generally a fan of Milligan's work. Enigma might work for you too.
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