Where can I sell my Mac in NYC?
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Where in NYC can I sell my old Macbook in the next day or two?

I have a Macbook (2.16 GHz, Intel core 2 duo, white, 2007) that I would like to offload in the next few days for cash. I'm not looking to get top dollar, but maybe $200 (what the Apple Recycle program offers) or so to put toward a new Macbook Pro.

I'm not doing the Apple recycle program or ebay/craigslist because I don't have the time to deal with waiting for reimbursement or dealing with auctions or buyer email exchanges. I understand that this means I won't get the best price for it.

I am looking for somewhere in lower Manhattan or North Brooklyn where I can walk in with my laptop and come out with cash in hand. I'd prefer somewhere better than a pawn shop, because I would like more than $10 for it--so are there any refurb places that buy for a semi-decent amount?

Thanks for your help.
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Not sure why offering it for sale for cash only on Craigslist won't work. Make them call you instead of long e-mail exchanges. For $200 I would think it'd be gone within a few hours.
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Response by poster: I don't have time to take the phone calls and discuss specs and whatever else with people. I'm working most of the next few days and would prefer taking a price cut just to maximize convenience. I'd rather walk in and walk out and have the errand over and done with in 30 minutes. Talking with prospective buyers and waiting to meet them, etc, takes up more time than I have to offer presently. So please, just brick-and-mortar options, thanks!
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Try Tekserve. They buy and sell Apple products and they are in lower manhattan.
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I'll buy it. No hassle.
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I can also buy for no hassle, if you like. I own an independent Apple reseller (like Tekserve) and will be in NYC from Thursday through Saturday. We buy used machines all the time. (The store's actually in Baltimore; I'm not linking because the mods might get annoyed.) Cash, hassle-free is not a problem.

MeMail me if you're interested.
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I would also buy it. MeFi mail me.
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