Needing an "alternative lifestyle" hairdo in San Francisco
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In San Francisco and in need of a good, cheap(ish) alternative haircut. Where should I look?

I'm in the mood for a very short, lady haircut lately, but am new to San Francisco. Normally, I keep my hair in some variety of this cut, as I have a really square face, but I'd like to just be able to go in and have a hairdresser choose something new for me. Any place that could be recommended for a good queer haircut? I'm looking to pay $60-70 max.
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Best answer: It's right at the limit of your budget, but short-haired me and a number of my well-coiffed queer ladies friends go to Zip Zap. I see James, but I'm under the impression all the stylists are pretty great.

Also, trust me, especially in SF that's not a very short or alternative haircut at all. Very cute though!
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Best answer: Zip Zap, at Haight & Fillmore. Eddie's been cutting my hair for almost 10 years, but I've also had it cut by Clar and James. All do great jobs. I pay about $50 but I think I get the "regular, longtime customer" discount.
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Best answer: I've only been to Zip Zap once, but I'd go back again without a second thought. Great place.
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I go to Pretty Pretty Collective in the Mission. I've been there twice and have been happy. They get great yelp reviews as well. I also like that you can schedule your haircut through their website.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the Zip Zap plugs! I had Justin do my hair and it looks fabulous. :)
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