Where can I go to mentally calibrate myself in PDX?
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PDX Filter: Had a small meltdown last Friday and came home from work. Today I'm feeling completely detached from my job and I just want to get some help once and for all. What kind of mental health facilities can I call up today about getting in this afternoon? More snowflake-y stuff inside.

I'm also looking to find out if I have ADHD and if I'm possibly Autistic (eating disorders, social anxiety, constantly thinking, no real want or desire to take care of myself and I have very little motivation to even hang out and socialize with my roommates, who are longtime friends of mine).

For a long, long time I thought these were all symptoms of depression, but I don't even take care of myself when I'm in a decent mood. It's not a diagnosis I took lightly and one I avoided intentionally for years because I have a brother with a much more pronounced form, but the more we're learning about it - specifically how it affects females - the more I fit the bill. I'm also having a harder and harder time trying to get thoughts out without sounding overly critical, which is really affecting work and personal relationships.

Basically, it's been a really long time since I've seen a doctor, there's a lot going on, and I don't know where to begin.

Thank you guys so much.
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PDX == Portland OR, 4ster. Anon, there is certainly help in your area. Perhaps even findable through the phone book - or perhaps by referral from whoever is your primary care physician or other professional. Good luck!
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Two Portland-specific ideas from the "There is Help" page at the Wiki. Some of the more general suggestions there might be helpful, too.
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If your place of work has an EAP, they may well have a number you can call to at least get some guidance about where to begin. Good luck and take care of yourself.
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Other than going to the emergency room for immediate, life-threatening mental health crisis, it might be hard to get in to see someone this afternoon. However, if you do think this is life-threatening, go to the emergency room. Otherwise:

Seconding to contact your EAP if you have one through work. They can help. They may be able to direct you to a counseling service that can talk to you RIGHT NOW probably over the phone about your issue until they can set you up with a more long-term mental health care provider.

If not, call your insurance company. They should be able to direct you to a mental health care professional. If you happen to have Providence, I can say that I've had extremely good luck with them in the past in this regard.

If all else fails, contact your primary physician. If you don't have one, contact your insurance company and get thee to one as soon as you can.

Finding a therapist that is currently talking patients in Portland is actually pretty hard, and your best bet is to get help through your insurance company, EAP, or primary doctor. Otherwise, do you have any friends who see mental health people? That can be a good way to get in to see someone as well.

If you do not have health insurance and are poor and young, you can also contact Outside In.
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Wise Counsel and Comfort might be an option for you; they have quite a few therapists on staff (in many different locations) so perhaps there's a better chance to book an appointment sooner rather than later. I was told that they also operate on a sliding scale if money is an issue. Good luck.
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William Temple House (http://www.williamtemple.org/) has sliding scale resources and referrals. Project Respond has a crisis line available at 503-988-4888.

Hang in there. It may sound trite, but with time and mindfulness things will get better.
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I had this day recently; I went to EAP through work, got a list of therapists on my insurance, called all of them, got in to one, and made an appointment (all within 3 days of the "breakdown day"). My therapist was cool, too, but even if we hadn't meshed, she could have given me another list. Currently looking for a psych, but I have a list of those, too. That's next.

Good luck. I know it hurts, even just deciding to get therapy is a big step.
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The number Skwiri gave you is actually for the Multnomah County Mental Health Crisis Line and Project Respond is a related but separate mobile mental health triage service for folks in acute, dangerous crisis. This line can be a great referral source.

NW Catholic Counseling Service @ 503-253-4888 also does low cost counseling. Worry not, the counseling is quite secular in nature, and from what others have told me skews pretty liberal.

Nthing the William Temple House.

Also, the national suicide hotline @ 1-800-784-2433 will get you automatically routed to a Portland based center (assuming your area code is 503/541) that has a lot of local referrals for counseling services. You don't have to be in danger to call, not in the slightest.

Pacific University's Psychological Service Center (503) 352-2400 does low cost counseling. Bear in mind that this clinic is staffed by students working towards their PsyD.

Also check out 211

I've never had any problems finding a therapist who is taking new clients....psychiatrists yes, therapists not so much - especially of your not picky about PhD v. master's level prepared therapists. In therapy, experience and a good working relationship matter much more than credential.

If you do have insurance, start there and skip the EAP except as a referral source... EAP coverage for therapy tends to be very very brief - 3-4 sessions, whereas insurance can often buy you longer term treatment, especially if you have an actual DSM diagnosis (lame, yes....but..never mind). If you need a referral, tell them you need to be screened for ADHD, autism and depression, those magic words should get you through the gatekeepers.

Good Luck!
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