Please translate these text messages
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Spanish/Portuguese SMS spam or should I be worried someone is laying in the gutter somewhere?

Over the weekend I was getting a bunch of calls and texts from a particular number in what I perceived to be Spanish or Portuguese. I have tried telling them via text that they reached the wrong number but it kept coming.

I am mostly curious to what the texts are (and partly to soothe a nagging voice in the back of my head that they were not actually in trouble and asking for help or some other silly thing like that). I have tried the translator and it only translated parts of the sentences and I cannot make head or tail on what they were trying to say

First text: -Ey estabien sinoquieres ablar conmigo soy marcos

-soy marcos el del rodeo (I frame the rodeo?)
-Ey teinbito acomer noquieres ir con migo
-teinbito altenanpa

After I sent out the text that it was the wrong number:

-disculpa esque medieron este numero ayer
-oyes disculpa de casualidad conoces atare esque
-bisculpeme teentiendo pues apenas teconosi ayer
-setaponiendo bueno en el tenanpa si quieres benir
-perdoname site estado molestando
-queases inomedigas quemeequiboque porque noesierto
-teinbito acomer

And last text
-estoy triste (i'm sad? :( )

So - drunken rambling or is there a theme to these?
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Best answer: - Hey it's okay if you don't want to talk to me, I'm Marcos
- I'm Marcos, the one from the rodeo
- I invite you to eat / you don't want to go with me
- I invite you... no idea

- Sorry it's just that they gave me this number yesterday
- Hey sorry by any chance do you know atare because
- Sorry I understand you, well I just barely met you yesterday
- It's getting good in the tenanpa if you want to come
- Sorry if I'm still bothering you
- What are you doing and don't tell me that I made a mistake (numberwise?) because it's not true
- I'm inviting you to eat

- I'm sad
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Whoops, two mistakes

teinbito altenanpa: I invite you to the Tenanpa
and perdoname site estado molestando: Sorry if I've been bothering you
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Sounds like someone at the rodeo gave Marcos a fake number.
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It is Spanish. Just lazy text speak with words mashed together and misspellled. Perfectly intelligible though. ke rose ne has it exactly right.

Do you know what the "tenanpa" is? Seems to be a place.
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Response by poster: Nice. Thanks a bunch guys!

He sent me a voice recording of the event too
Seems like I missed out :D
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Have you managed to get him to understand he has the wrong number? If not, you can text back something along the lines of "Lo siento. Yo no estaba en el rodeo. Alguien le dio un número equivocado." (you won't need the accent on the u, as he clearly understands text speak!) That says: "I'm sorry. I wasn't at the rodeo. Someone gave you the wrong number."
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FYI: if you have an iPhone you can do the "ú" by holding down the "u" key till the accented options pop up. I don't know if this is an iOS 5 feature or not. After having an iPhone for 3 years I just discovered it last week :)
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Man, Marcos is persistent, isn't he? I think whoever he met at the rodeo is well shut of him.
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