Help me find a barely-remembered random youtube video
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ID this youtube video! Skateboarding in a roller rink, ridiculous outfit, handstand tricks. Ringing any bells?

I vaguely remember seeing a very impressive, sort of delightful video featuring a man skating around a roller rink on a skateboard, and I'd like to find it again. The skater was doing all sorts of impressive things (handstands, etc.). As I recall he was wearing shiny spandex, and I recall that there was something 80s-ish about the video--probably either the outfit or the music. The video was fairly high-quality: no shaky camera (maybe even multiple angles) and good lighting. The man doing the skating was the only one in this nice-looking, wooden-floor (I think) rink.

This is nowhere near enough information for my trifling google skills to find the video. I'll be impressed if you guys can help me find this!
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Sounds like something Rodney Mullen would do, but I don't know the video. Regardless, he's the king of flatland tricks, so you might be interested anyway.
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Thanks, cmoj. Valient attempt to answer based on very little information!

Future searchers of bizarre spandex-including skateboard videos (surely you are legion): I went looking AGAIN (for way too long) and found it! Behold, Daniel Gesmer performing "87 Dreams of a Lifetime."
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