Recommendations for meditation mp3s, CDs, etc. for chilling out during pregnancy?
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Recommendations for meditation mp3s, CDs, etc. for chilling out during pregnancy?

I'm pregnant for the 5th time, and I have no living children. Long story there, with lots of heartache and loss, including one in week 21 -- don't need to go there.

I'm thrilled to be pregnant again, and optimistic about the prospects this time for various logic-based reasons, but I'm still (understandably) scared and anxious.

I'm looking for meditation recordings that will guide me to calm optimistic thoughts, specifically related to a successful pregnancy. I'm probably not going to hypno-birth, so I'm not concerned with pain management, just want to chill myself out and go to a happy place when I'm especially nervous. I'll probably listen a lot, maybe even once a day, so please recommend multiple examples if you have them.

I've got a tolerance for new-agey stuff, but a tone that's more accessible to the masses and newbies to meditation would be my first choice. My fertility shrink suggested guided visualizations, which would be cool.

Thanks for your help!
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Well, I have personally found Jon Kabat-Zinn's work to be terrific at this more generalised well-being thing. His audio book, Where-ever You Go, There You Are, especially good.

Tremendously helpful for me. There are guided meditations in it, but I got a lot of utility from the general discussion; he really grounds the idea of mindfulness as something that you do not only when you're meditating, but carry with you at all times, and the book really helps you with that. Memail me if you're interested and comfortable getting in touch, I have a copy I can get to you.
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The obvious -- Kind Of Blue -- Miles Davis. (a google search on videos is pretty rich)

Such a beautiful record. To me it's perfect.
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This song in particular, but almost anything he has recorded.
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I've really enjoyed Moodstreams (available free on iTunes) -- I don't have children/haven't been pregnant so I can't speak to that, but they were the only things able to get me to sleep when I was under a lot of stress in the past. The only thing is I wish about them is that there were more!
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Sorry, I messed up the link:
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This is not quite an answer but I hope it helps. I took pre natal water yoga classes once a week that I found really relaxing. They are held in a warm pool, chest deep. If this is not available in your area look for pre natal yoga of any kind. I am sooo not crunchy but really got a lot from this weekly meditation.
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From the OP:
Thanks, all, for your suggestions. To be clear, I'm not looking for music to meditate to. I'm looking for guided meditations, soundtracks of people talking me through relaxation as if I don't know how. Like what smoke is suggesting (thanks, smoke!). Sorry if the original wording was misleading.
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I've listened to "Creating Calm in Your Life" by Rivka Simmons occasionally and found it good.
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The "Deep Rest" meditation from Meditation Oasis is excellent. It's a podcast. There is another one for healing that may benefit you .... all of them are relaxing.

I am very sorry for your losses and I wish you the best with this pregnancy.
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I have listened to several Glenn Harrold recordings, and found them really relaxing (Glenn Harrold's Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Stress, Detox your mind, and Manifesting your Goals and Dreams).

Therefore, while I have not listened to his 'Joyful Pregnancy' recordings, I can recommend the author:
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Yoga Nidra is wonderful. The yogic sleep. This track was given (freely for sharing) to a friend of mine in Australia.

(If anyone knows who this chap is, please email me as I would like to acquire more of his guided meditations)
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2nding the Meditation Oasis podcast. It's a series of guided meditations of different lengths and themes. "Breath awareness" and "let it be" are my favorites. It can definitely be very new-agey, but I like it.

I also like Thich Nhat Nanh, a Buddhist monk and teacher whose written some wonderful books, and he has some CDs on meditation, breathing, and mindfulness. I like "The Art of Mindful Living." I think he has a book of the same name but that the CD is more like a lecture / guided meditation / exercises. This CD has some guided visualization type things, if I understand correctly what you mean by that - like, an exercise where we imagine we're a lotus flower.
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Seconding Yoga Nidra. I am 37 weeks pregnant and have used Yoga Nidra to force my body to actually relax at a time when sleeping/sitting/lounging is generally really uncomfortable. I bought an electronic copy of a Yoga Nidra CD on Amazon.

Note: Yoga Nidra does not have guided visualization or anything like that -- it's guided relaxtion and "yogic sleep." It is highly restful. I have heard of women using Yoga Nidra during labor as well (not necessarily for pain relief but just to force their bodies to relax so that the labor can progress).
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Kathleen Mcdonald's How to Meditate is a very straight forward primer book, but the best part are the free online MP3s:
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Tara Brach has some awesome free guided meditations on her website; you can also purchase some of her talks online.

Shiva Rea's early CD Drops of Nectar for yoga nidra and meditation.

Or just search for guided meditation on YouTube and try a bunch of different videos. Never know if you're going to be able to get into the speaker's speech patterns and particular level of woo until you listen.
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Meditation Oasis is free and available on the web and iTunes. It is my favorite.
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