Can you help us find an available domain name?
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Some friends and I are creating a small creative consulting group. Our skills are pretty diverse- environmental, web development, musical transcription/composition. We are trying to come up with an easy to remember name that is vague enough to cover all of what we do (with available .com URL) and drawing blanks. Any suggestions of names?

To make it more challenging:
-We've agreed to not have anything that includes the word "green" for various reasons.
-Also hoping for something that is easy to remember and spell for an audience of predominantly english speakers (and occasional spanish speakers) after hearing it at a convention or over drinks, and less than three syllables.
-Needs to not sound juvenile (so no plays on words about fart jokes)

Everything we've come up with, of course, does not have a URL available! If anyone has any ideas, we'd be very open to them. We're also open to hiring someone who does this sort of thing professionally to help us, but of course we're on grad student budgets so we are not sure if that is even worth pursuing.

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What about a single, memorable, positive-sounding noun, abstract from what you actually do?

Something like "liftoff," "rhythm," "trampoline," etc., then just tacking onto the end of it for the URL.
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I would go for (color/other adjective)(vague noun).com, so something like bluesynergy or orangeadvance. Tack consulting on if necessary.
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That's the way....
they became the
Creaty Bunch!
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Have you considered the approach of gathering everyone's initials and making an abbreviation or word out of it?
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I like tree and plant names for stuff like this (no idea if any of these URLs are available):

Sugar Maple Creative
Red Oak Consulting
The Cottonwood Group

etc etc...
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That way you've covered 'green' and 'truth'... and although technically in Spanish, I'd think most english speakers would get it.

For the URL, you'd have to find an alternative, but it'd make a cool logo?
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Are you looking for a word that doesn't really mean anything, but is memorable? There are random word generators online. Just keep refreshing until it comes up with something you like. I used this method to come up with a domain name for my website. I can't find the generator I used right now, but will be able to find it later when I'm on my real computer, if you want the link.

I happen to know that the multi-national financial services company AXA chose their name because it doesn't mean anything in any known language, but it easily memorable. It sure cuts down on unrelated hits in Google searches.
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Less then three syllables is tough... Almost would want to ignore your groups diversity to avoid filtering too many possibilities.

That said I think web and music go together well. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some small business that used names from the study of music for their web consulting names. Like Vectorcon said, something as simple as "Musical" can work fine. Understand that many many businesses have no mention of what they do in their name. Sometimes it is a simple as a last name and just a simple alteration of a common word.

As a creative consulting group, most likely the people you work with may have an appreciation for musical symbols? If you have started on any logo, perhaps you may find some inspiration and potential name in that symbology?
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Are you located in a neighborhood that has a name that sounds like it could be the name of a thing? See, for example, the Rockridge Institute (a former think tank which was located in Berkeley, apparently, but which I figure was named after the Oakland neighborhood of the same name).
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Rayon sheep
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"Tastes Like Sound"

It's not taken.

("Looks Like Sound" isn't either, but I really like the first much better.)
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"Dirty Dozen Consulting"
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See also: "Magnificent Seven Consulting"
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if you want to go to war over bad WHOIS info, you might be able to snag via ICANN.
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"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Consulting". (Although any of these numerical names risk the Ben Folds Five problem of becoming inaccurate.)
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FYI, is in its redemption period, so it'll be available soon if you wanted to try to snipe it...
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I think creative, I think berets. What about red beret consulting?
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