Control VLC remotely over the net?
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Can I keep two instances of VLC (on separate computers) playing the same video (stored locally on both) in sync, by controlling just one of them?

In other words, I want to be able to play/pause/skip VLC on one computer, and have the other computer stay in sync as well. They both have a local copy of the video, and they're both on the internet, but not on the same LAN so streaming isn't an option.

Both computers are Macs.
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I've fiddled with the netsync module in VLC, but only with streaming video. I suspect it might work for locally-played video if they're truly identical (i.e. the exact same video, so that all the internal timestamps, data frame sizes & alignments, etc are the same) , but I'm not sure.

If you use it over the 'net, you'd have to contend with NAT'ing, port forwarding, firewall rules, etc, to make them see each other - but you're going to have to do that whatever the final solution is.
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Just out of curiosity, what's your purpose in doing this?

A friend of mine and I, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, wanted to watch tv shows together on VLC while video chatting on Skype. We came up with a low tech solution.
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VLC has a telnet interface, so you could cook up a script that takes each command and sends it to both instances of VLC. Not sure how you could get around unpredictable latency if you need more than ~quarter-second precision.
Interacting with just one of the instances of VLC would put them out of sync.
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