Windows Live Mail ate my everything!
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Windows Live Mail ate my everything!

So, I recently switched ISP's. I went to delete my my previous email account out of Live Mail, and it deleted everything else, too. Messages, all folders, all contacts. Outlook pre-Windows 7 never did this. What a pain.

I have all my old emails on the old ISP's server still, and can access them, but the pain of forwarding everything on to the new address is something I'd like to avoid.

Also, my system restore was turned off, so no joy there. Did Live Mail simply wipe everything off my hard drive?
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Try this, found here (by googling the words - live mail removed account deleted mail)

Close Windows Live Mail.
Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft and then right click on the Windows Live Mail folder and choose ‘restore previous versions’.
Then choose the most recent date to restore to and click restore.
After restoring to a previous date, you can always restore back to a future date.
Then open Windows Live Mail. All your e-mails should be in place.

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oops, missed the system restore being turned off - so that probably won't work. Perhaps if you re-add the old account, then you can export the messages from it, and import them after deleting the account from it?

importing and exporting messages
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