New York Marathon Traffic
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Asking for a friend: "Our flight leaves from JFK at 5:55 PM. We're currently in Northern New Jersey, near Morristown. My father has offered to drive us to the airport, but we're concerned about whether this will be physically/emotionally possible due to the marathon. Our plan was to head south and take the Verrazano Bridge. Will this take us around the road closures / traffic hell, or should we just take the train?"
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This site has info on all street closings today.
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You could also call the city's 311 (non-emergency information) line and ask them what the best route is. I'm sure others have done the same thing today. 212 NEW YORK from outside NYC.
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This was my question. The traffic station on the TV indicates that the Verrazano is actually closed until 3 and advises that you stay away from it all day. It looks like the GW Bridge will be possible, though, based on the pictures we were seeing.

Please still let me know if you have something more definitive!
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don't know about from jersey, but getting to jfk from manhattan via subway is a long as you have a suitcase with wheels...
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I was going to suggest, if possible, train from Morristown to Penn Station, then either cab it or take the A train to the shuttle train to JFK.

...of course, it's now 2 PM your time and that info isn't helpful, but I tried!
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Throgs Neck is under construction and partially pass, and a mess. We chose the Whitestone...
posted by gerryblog at 12:59 PM on November 6, 2011 the Cross Island Expressway to the Belt. No problems at all.
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