Aptitude-based hiring and on-the-job hiring in software companies?
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I'm looking for software companies that do 1) aptitude-based hiring and 2) on-the-job training: "If you pass a (often language-agnostic) programming test, in addition to in-person interviews, maybe a code review, etc., we will train you for your job." What companies in the Chicago area follow this model?

Epic Systems in Verona, WI and Thoughtworks in Chicago follow this pattern. (I'm curious about companies outside the Chicago area too, in or near Philly is another region of interest, but I'm most interested in Chicago, especially El and CTA accessible workplaces if I'm being pony-specific.)
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Accenture has an "entry-level training program" for software engineers. Process: apply > phone interview > language-agnostic aptitude test > in-person interview > 1 month long intensive training program.
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