Contrast stitching remedy?
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I loathe contrast stitching. Can I just cover it up with a marker?

I recently bought a purse that is perfect except that it has brown leather trim with white stitching.

Will it work if I just color over it with a brown marker? Anyone tried this? If so, what kind of marker should I use? Do they make special markers for similar purposes and where can I get them? Or is there another more suitable substance, something along the lines of shoe polish?

I don't want to ruin my purse.
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Yep, you can do this. They have markers for things like this at large fabric stores. I'd ask them about the leather, though...
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maybe you can use a fabric dye applied to the thread with a brush ?
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crapulent, I salute you. Couldn't agree more. I've had pretty good luck with the careful use of permanent marker. Most people are not so detail-oriented that they'll notice, and if the brown ink is a little darker than the leather, that's still better than that ridiculous white. Try it on the side facing your body first, but be careful that it doesn't wipe off/smudge onto your clothes.
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As a PIB I always carry a Sharpie on my person to take out offending bits of white on clothing---bleach spots, contrast stitching, etc. Two problems with Sharpie on vinyl, (p)leather, etc.--one, the change in reflectivity is often more noticeable than any color variation. I've also had problems where the acid from the permanent marker eats a tiny hole into the clothing. I still prefer that over a white spot.
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A Sharpie or fabric marker-which you can get at a craft or fabric store-should work best. Fabric dye can come off on you if it isn't set by washing first.
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extra fine, maybe ultra fine point sharpie. permanent, dries quick, won't smear. seriously. ultra fine point should let you color the stitching with little to no run over on to the leather.

on preview loads of others suggest the same. I type so damn slow.
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I loathe contrast stitching.

How bizarre.
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Apply the marker slowly, letting capillary action help draw the ink from the marker to the vile white stitching.
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I loathe contrast stitching.

I'm so there with you on that. Gods I hate it. Sharpie is my tool of choice, the method described by Theora55 above is the most effective.
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I used sharpie on some black boots with ugly white stitches and the only noticeable thing about it was that sharpie is reflective, so I'm seconding (thirding fourthing?) the ultra-fine sharpie suggestion...and do they come in brown yet? I've seen pink sharpie..
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Given that it's leather, a brown shoe polish might be able to soak into the thread enough to dull the white without making the leather look too shiny. I've found (more often with black than with other colors) that Sharpie can obscure white spots on fabric, but it never looks quite right - minor variations in dye tint are actually pretty noticable to many people, as our visual systems tend to be wired to key in on color.

nile_red wrote "do they come in brown yet?"

They come in an amazing variety of colors (49 to be exact).
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Thanks everyone. I now feel equipped to win the war against contrast stitching. I found a multi-pack with a brown Sharpie at Target. And this website has a variety of permanent fabric pens (including brown), in case anyone else is interested. Thanks again!
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Oh, and they also have a section titled Fabric Paints. I'm guessing this would work also and you can even blend your own colors to get an exact match. Createx Colors Pure Pigments looks promising.
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