Another lost-book-title title question. 80's Scifi Edition vol 237
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Another lost-book-title question. 80's Scifi Edition vol 237

In mid 1985 I took a road trip across the US and read a SciFi book whose title I cant remember. Here is what I do remember about the book:

One character was an explorer-type who was responsible for exploring or charting a new planetary system with something like 5 planets. Coincidentally, his home system also had the same number of planets. His home planets had small populations (maybe 100k each?). The new planets (and maybe his home planets) had some series of underground ley lines which radiated some kind of electrical power. This could have been book 2 or 3 of the Whatever series

Any help would be much appreciated!
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This might be a stretch, but several of these details sound like the second book of Larry Niven's Ringworld series.
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