Chocolate Pumpkin Pecan Pie?
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Do you have a recipe for this chocolate pumpkin pecan pie?

Please help me find this recipe! someone told me about a chocolate pumpkin pecan pie where there was either baking chocolate or choc chips sitting on the bottom crust, covered with a classic pumpkin pie filling, then topped with a layer of pecan pie filling, then topped with some type of melted chocolate. I found THIS, which is close but no chocolate, and then this which just looks like a yummy pecan pumpkin pie with chocoalte syrup dripped on it, then finally this which just blends all 3 flavors into a cheese cake type dessert. I think this was an original creation and I think I might come close by just following recipe #1 but putting a layer of bittersweet choc chips as first layer and also generously sprinkling them on top before baking. Any thoughts?
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Best answer: In the first recipe you linked they omitted the cream or evaporated milk you'd find in an ordinary pumpkin pie recipe. Normal pumpkin pie filling is so liquid before baking that the pecan filling would sink, so I think this is the right strategy. Otherwise you have a lot of freedom here - chocolate chips on the bottom is fine, and you could use whatever pecan pie filling recipe you prefer. I would hesitate to sprinkle chocolate chips on top, though, for fear of burning them - this is not a cookie, it bakes for a long time. I'd melt chocolate and drizzle it on top after the pie is otherwise done.
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This looks similar.
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Response by poster: Well, i decided to skip the chocolate all together because i was unable to find an exact tested recipe, and i ended up making the pumpkin pecan pie (first link in original post). My review is that although very tasty and quite easy, recipe as written calling for deep dish piecrust was in error. Make it either in regular 9" pie crust(not deep dish) or double the pumpkin portion if you want to use the deep dish crust. Very yummy though. I will make it again (and will again skip the chocolate, it was certainly rich enough without it!)
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