The page where two portraits start moving
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I'm trying to track down a site that had two still portraits that suddenly, eerily, start to move.

It was something like a salary consulting site, and it hit the blogs around 3-6 months ago. That's a guess. I've googled it, searched my own archives and this site's archives, and I can't find it. Probably because most posts about it were tight lipped about the effect. Anyone remember this?
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Here you go!
posted by Xelf at 9:31 AM on June 16, 2005

Found it.

(Google: creepy picture move turn survey)

On preview: I lose
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I don't get it...
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the first pictures look like still portraits because its still loading. once it loads you can refresh the page and see no still portraits.
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(The creepy part is when the first guy on the left slowly turns and looks right at you, with murder in his eyes.)
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Seen it twice now, and still don't understand why it's eerie/cool/odd.
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david: Usually stock photos aren't animated. These ones are.
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Bloody terrifying!
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i hate only to be able to say "there is more out there". but that is what I am stuck with-
I was in a very modern house recently that was loaded with art. There were three portraits, backlit. They moved very slowly. Not so much a blink, but in one you noticed her eyes were filling with tears. oddly heart wrenching to stare at this strangers eyes and wonder what grief was being felt. Very compelling. Didn't get to ask about the artist- had to go back and plate dessert.
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