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I need to get a boundary survey on my residential property in Toronto. I've called several surveyors but have only heard back from one, who says it'll cost $900 and take two weeks to perform. Is this normal? Seems pricey and lengthy for an 18' x 100' rectangular lot. Any recommendations for surveyors in Toronto?
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Best answer: for a boundary survey in the US that is on the cheap to normal side for a well established residential lot with easy benchmarks. It really only takes about half a day to do the work and then do the writeup and legal documents. There can also be substantial time and effort involved in finding any easements or burdens on the property. You are paying for the mans license, some very expensive equipment to let one man do this in day and the legal document. Most good surveryors bill out at 125 to 150 here in the US, and Canada is probably not much different.
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The size of the lot is not the issue. The survey can be time-consuming because it is necessary to look for established monuments that mark the corners of sections or subdivisions of sections. If they don't exist (and most of the time they don't) it is then necessary to create and establish new ones. The survey has to start from those monuments and then describe direction and distance to the point where the 18x100 lot can be described with more direction and distance.
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I'd say it's standard. I have billed out at $100-125 in the past. The surveying and locating itself takes only a few hours, the rest of it (documentation and such) is the pain in the ass cost.
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