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Is there an endocrinologist in the L.A. area (preferably near Hollywood) that you'd recommend?

Looking for a great endocrinologist in the L.A. area, ideally in or near Hollywood, less ideally Mid-City/Mid-City West, least ideally (but still do-able) Beverly Hills.

Specifically I'm looking for an endo who's willing to at least discuss treatment options for someone with "low-normal" thyroid. The one I saw six years ago dismissed me after getting those lab results back but I'm considering giving it another try with another doctor.
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I have seen Dr. Virginia Russell (endo/PCP) for over 10 years and like her a lot; I think she'd be inclined to be open-minded to working with you on low-normal issues. She's at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group, so right on the edge of Beverly Hills/Miracle Mile. My one caveat is that things tend to run really late at her office most days, so if you do go to see her, bring a book, because you'll probably be waiting awhile.
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From Mrs. Cacophony:

I highly recommend Dr. Oona Khan, if you can get into see her. She's also with Cedars Sinai. She has a long waiting time for appointments, but it's worth it. She was my endocrinologist for a few years until my insurance decided to drop her medical group (stupid HMO). I now see Dr. Sherril Rieux - she's my primary care physician, not an endocrinologist, but she's willing to treat my borderline hypothyroidism without needing to send me to a specialist.

I also got sent away by several doctors who took one look at my "borderline" labs and decided I was fine. I feel SO much better now that I'm finally being treated. Good luck!
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