Integrating fulfillment with Shopify
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Integrating Shopify + Google Checkout + custom fulfillment place XML API. Can they all talk to one another, and if so, how?

Shopify integrates with Google Checkout no sweat. And it also easily integrates with Shopify's "preferred" fulfillment providers. But I want to use my own local fulfillment place. This place does XML API integrations all the time with various shopping carts, but they have never done so with Shopify standing between them and the shopping cart. Can this even be done? I don't want to waste my time as the fulfillment place "investigates" how to do this, if it can't be done. Ideally, Google Checkout would be the "hub", integrating with both Shopify and fulfillment place simultaneously -- but as far as I can tell, I can only enter one URL for integration purposes into Checkout: Shopify's. Shopify DOES allow me to create a webhook, where it forwards an XML file to the fulfillment place's URL upon payment, but AFAIK no way for Shopify to receive confirmation in return.
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