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Looking for an ecommerce platform suitable for building a web community such as Etsy...

I am looking to develop a web community where individual craftsmen can set up their own online "shops" very similar to Etsy. The idea is for a niche market that has little to no presence on Etsy already. The fundamentals would be the same though, with sellers handling their own inventory, shipping, and receiving payments, with us taking a small commission monthly for managing the community and marketing these sellers.

I've identified one company called Supercorp that does this for sites like these, which is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I have contacted them and they have no interest in what I am looking to do, which leads me to believe their business model involves a partnership of some sort.

So, short of building it from the ground up, are there any other companies out there that will provide a platform like this for a one time or monthly fee?

There was another very similar post here back in 2009, but I figure a lot can happen with web tech in two years so there may be more options at this point. Thanks for any insight!
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Happily, this is not a new problem. The magic search phrase you're looking for is Etsy Clone. Here's one. Here's another.
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