Name that London hotel.
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Can you recommend a London hotel which meets my specific requirements?

I've read a number of the other threads about London hotels, but have yet to find anything that sounds right and is still available, so I'm hoping this enquiry will turn up a few new suggestions!

- Visiting London at the end of November
- Need an ensuite room for one person that costs less than 100 pounds per night. Less than 80 would be even better.
- It should be close to Bethnal Green tube station, or at least an easy/direct journey from there.
- Free Wi-Fi in room would be the icing on the cake. I'll take free Wi-Fi in the lobby, though.

It's a business trip, my company is paying, so I want to keep it cheap, but it doesn't need to be ridiculously cheap.

Any suggestions would be most welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: The Imperial Hotel in Russell Square? It's a simple trip that takes about twenty minutes (take the Piccadilly Line from Russell Square one stop to Holborn, then transfer to the Central Line for Bethnal Green), and for the price (84/night for a single), it's a pretty decent hotel. You have to request Wi-Fi directly, as I recall, and a single room is about the size of a broom closet, but the rooms are ensuite and the hotel itself is clean and convenient to a lot of things.
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I think you'd be best off trying one of the business traveller chain hotels near Liverpool Street. It's one stop from Bethnal Green on the Central Line, and plenty of buses go the short trip east.

How about the Ibis City? It's £99 a night, free wifi for business guests, and while they're not amazing hotels, they're clean and efficient.
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Have you looked at onefinestay or airbnb to see if they have anything suitable? Not a hotel, obviously but I absolutely love onefinestay (I haven't actually used airbnb yet).
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The Hoxton Hotel is great, and is around 80 quid. It's not far from Bethnal Green Station [walking, or by overground rail from nearby Old Street Station.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! The Hoxton sounds fantastic, but alas had no rooms on the dates I wanted. Now I'm booked at the Imperial!
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