How should i fix an abrasive platform in my turtle tank?
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How should i fix an abrasive platform in my turtle tank?

I recently got back my two eastern long-necked turtles, after they spent an extended (years) stay with a friend. The tank has a glass platform glued in for basking, with a ramp leading up from the water. Unfortunately, this platform has gravel stuck to the top of it, and i can hear the turtles scrape their shell as they leave the platform in particular.

I'd like to remove this health-hazard from their tank, but i'm not quite sure what the best approach is. I could stick something over the top, but it's likely to be a bit ad-hoc, and probably not as clean as the glass platform. On the other hand, the gravel is coming off the platform in some places, so maybe the best idea is to try to accelerate this process, and clear it off? I suspect that will take quite a lot of effort, and i'm not really sure how to go about it, short of brute force.

Please help me, herpetological hive-mind.
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Turtles can handle a lot, it might be worth turning them over and seeing if there is actual damage to the shells. If there is; astro turf works alright, fairly easy to clean. You can also also use a bit of silicone glue on top of an abrasive surface to make it softer. Its hard to get a good idea of the situation from the post, photos would be helpful.
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Aquarium epoxy?
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What about applying some sugru over the top of the gravel?
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Most aquatic turtles regularly encounter gravel and stones in their lives, and it is not a problem. Do as Felex suggests and check for signs of abrasion. If none, all good. If so, they may be in need of more calcium in their diets, and you can use the astro-turf.
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