Please help me figure out this song!
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I'm grasping at straws here, but I heard a song in Nordstrom last night and the chorus went something like: three by five *something something* next in line... ... oh this is all real, oh this is all real...

It's an indie-rock sounding song and the male singer may have had an accent. That first part of the chorus was really choppy and then the second part was drawn out. I have googled every possible variation on the lyrics I can think of, but the melody is starting to slip from memory.

It's worth a shot, since these butchered lyrics have been stuck in my head ALL FUCKING DAY.
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3x5 is a song by John Mayer, but I'm not sure if it matches up with what you're describing.
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It isn't F-Track, by Showtek, is it? ("Closing clubs at three instead of five, six and seven.") ("So people can say what they want, but this is all real.") That seems unlikely to have been in a Nordstrom, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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not either of those... but thanks for the input! The worst part is I am probably not even getting the lyrics right. They were really short and choppy... It has to have been a popular indie-hit. Mellow, but not too mellow. A bit of punk influence.
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The chorus is making me think of Jeff Buckley's "So Real" ("oh, that was so real"), but I have trouble believing that it would be Muzak at Nordstrom.
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You could call that department of the store. I'm sure the employees have heard that song a million times and could at least clarify some lyrics.
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Are you thinking of The Clapping Song? I don't know what version you heard, but the opening is a lot like the first few lyrics you mentioned.
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Three-Five-Zero-Zero (Wikipedia article) from Hair (Warning: potentially offensive lyrics) fits the description, but is probably not Nordstrom fare.
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Not very close to your lyrics but similar enough: Yacht's Love In The Dark?
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(longshotfilter) Indie you say? No way it could have been a popular indie hit... from the 1990s?
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Oh my god, I think I know this one. It's Matt and Kim, Block After Block, right? Those aren't the lyrics you wrote, but something about the cadence of the way you wrote them reminded me of this song.
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err, that's Matt & Kim
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It's the band Feist. The song is 1,2,3,4 . If I'm wrong I'll eat my shoe.
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Wait, male vocal. DANGIT. *eats shoe*
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Synapse got it. And I have no clue how. "Now this is all me" was the hook, and I was embarrassingly off on the lyrics! I just made a playlist of all the fun guesses on Spotify though, so thanks everybody!

I love metafilter.
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My shoe was not tasty :(
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