Sci-Fi Movie Architecture
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I'm looking for a resource - online, book, DVD - that deals specifically in the architectural design from sci-fi films, preferably with lots of pictures.

I'd interested in pictures and diagrams of buildings, both inside and out, from movies such as the Aliens series, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek Minority Report, Dark City, etc. I'm not interested in props, vehicles or weapons, all of which have a ton of resources. I'm looking specifically for buildings, exteriors and interiors. Any ideas where to find them?
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Hmm, this is a tough question. Being a Frank Lloyd Wright buff, the best I can give is a small bit of information. Parts of the film Blade Runner were filmed in Wright's Ennis-Brown House (Harrison Ford's apartment to be specific) and the space center in the film Gattaca was filmed at the Marin County Civic Center just outside of San Francisco. Pictures and diagrams are available at both of these websites. I hope this is a little bit helpful.
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This cached page has lots of links to images that are no longer available; maybe you can find an old version through

There are lots of items related to sci-fi movies at The Cinematic City:
The City and Architecture in Motion Pictures
, including a detailed Blade Runner bibliography.
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One of the classic books like this is "Film Architecture From Metrolpolis to Blade Runner". Available on Amazon.
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Response by poster: Thank-you, I'll try taking a look for those.
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