The Great White Tee
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Sourcing the perfect scoop neck t-shirt!

I like to wear scoop neck t-shirts under cardigans and v-neck sweaters. I usually buy cheap store brands, like Zellers or Old Navy. I am not happy with them. Can you share your favourite sources for awesome t-shirts (that are not American Apparel)? The parameters are:

1. Must be reasonable affordable (under $25, unless you can convince me that the price is really worth it)
2. Quality, durable cotton (not that junky stuff that loses shape once you put it on over your head)
3. Scoop neck, but not tooooooo scooped (i.e. little or no cleavage showing, lest passersby think they can go spelunking down Chasm Rattery)
4. Fitted, but not super tight --something that isn't bulky but doesn't also reveal every imaginable bulge
5. Plain white (or possibly cream or other neutrals)
6. Available for purchase in/delivery to Canada

Any thoughts?
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Have you looked at Mountain Equipment Coop? They have some lovely, durable t-shirts.

While not a scoop neck, per se, this one is my favourite - comfortable, washable, flattering on pretty much any body type, and withstand the solid beating I tend to mete out to my clothes.
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I got a few of these elbow-length scoop length t's from Land's End over the summer and really like them. I got them on super sale (maybe $8 each?) but you can usually find a discount code online to get you under the $25 threshhold. I thought they ran kinda big but maybe that's just Land's End? I don't usually order from them.
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Yeah, Land's End runs on the big side.
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J Crew perfect-fit scoopneck tees.
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I depends on your size, but I'm around a Small-Medium, and I actually have extremely good luck with fitted tees from Forever 21. I buy almost nothing else there, but their tees are insanely cheap, 100% cotton, and don't lose their stretch. I used to buy Old Navy tees so I know exactly what you mean there.
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I recently discovered Boden and their essential scoop neck tee is awesome. Not sure about delivery to Canada, but the company is based in the UK and delivers to the US, so it's likely.
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I came in here to talk about Boden, too. I don't think that Boden USA delivers to Canada, but the UK store does!!

I have the essential scoop neck tee in three colors and whenever they go on sale I snap up a few more. I love them. They somehow manage to be sturdy without being stiff. I can wear a colored bra under the white one and it won't show through (much). It's the only white t-shirt I would ever dream of wearing to work.

Get thee to Boden's website!
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I love my land end scoop neck tees, they are best I'd found, long enough to cover my longer torso, scoopy enough to look nice, but not clevagey. I didn't find them to run too big, but that might just be me. They have them in Sears stores if you wanted to go try one on in person.
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