Flexible, customizable, free, gay-friendly, Windows-compatible genealogy software?
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Flexible, customizable, free, gay-friendly, Windows-compatible genealogy software?

I just noticed that the software I'm using appears to allow only man-woman marriages. (There may be an option I've missed, but that's what it looks like for now.) So I want to know what my options are for gay-friendly genealogy software. Preferably, I would like it to be flexible enough to allow you to define any sort of relationship between people (friends, work colleagues, school buddies, neighbors, sexual partners, kindred spirits, ride the same bus, etc.) and then let you generate classic family trees or other sorts of reports.
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Have you contacted the developer to see if he's willing to add that feature?
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I just marry off the same-sex couples in my family tree. I know it's a less than satisfactory solution, but there isn't currently any really Genealogy 2.0 software out there that I know of.
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From what I've read (just now) apparently GRAMPS handles it.
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I will bring that up at the collaborative site I use, WeRelate.org.
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I have been able to solve this by changing the gender after adding the marriage in most genealogy software. So, when I am in the database, I add my husband. He will appear as female automatically. I enter all his info and our marriage info. Then, I go and change his gender from female to male.
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