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What would be a good ipad app to plan a heist with.

Okay, this question, along with this previous one might get me put on some kind of watch list, but I swear it's just a prism that I tend to view things through. Rather than get into the specific details of the types of projects I work on, I thought I'd just use a concept people are familiar with. A large scale heist.

So, you're planning one. What ipad (or iphone) app might you use to help you?

These are the types of things you might need to keep track of?

- A timeline/calendar
- schematics and blueprints
- text documents
- dossiers for the people on your crew and the people who work at the place you're planning to "hit"
- maybe some audio and video files
- a budget
- charts and graphs
- photos

What would be a good single app (ideally) to manage all this stuff in?
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This is, actually, pretty much what Evernote is made for.
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I store all of the above in Evernote.

I use it for college to keep myself organized for/between my 14 credits.

But, to put it into the language of a Heist, You can absolutely do all of these things, however I'd recommend building your dossiers, calendars, budgets, graphs, what have you, on a laptop/desktop, for speed, and viewing it all on the ipad on the go. You can do all of these things with the iPad, too, but for sake of efficiency I'd use my macbook pro.

Make a tag "Bank job" and create individual notes under this tag for each particular element of the job. Create second tags to clearly separate and ID the info.
For example- 'Bank Job', 'Bank Employees' vs 'Bank Job', 'Equipment needed'

Then just dump in any/all info you have. I don't think you can make graphs/charts within, you'd have to make it using the usual programs (which are available on the ipad, you'd then just import it into evernote.)

New Note
Tagged: Bank Job; Bank Employees
Titled: Morning Manager
Jimmy Joe-Bob; 5'8" 250lbs
-Relevant/up-to-date picture
-audio clip
-video clip

You get the idea. The point is, say you had multiple team members- each with an iPad, each loaded with Evernote logged into the same account. They'd have instant access to whatever the team leader (or whoever is assigned to intel) has created.

The only caveat: It wants to be connected to the internet, all the time. It's not reliable to be available offline everytime. Sometimes it's stored what I want no problem, sometimes it just says I'm offline and the info isn't available. It depends on how long it's been since i last viewed the note. Maybe there is a fix i don't know about. My point in bringing this up is that potentially, if you wanted to remain completely off radar you'd want wifi and cellular use turned off. I'm sure there is an app or hack to keep the iPad untraced, but I do not claim to know of any.
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I actually now remember that the paid account gets you offline use.
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