Leather jacket in NYC
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Hell bent for (a good quality) leather (jacket) in New York City.

So, basically, before my mom died, all of my previous leather jackets were gifts from her. She had places she trusted in the Brooklyn Russian community and went and found stuff for me. Now, my leather jacket is falling apart and I need a new one. Except I'm a) not hip to the Russian scene and don't really want to ask my friends' parents to come with me to buy a damn jacket and b) do not have the time to sort through ten thousand godawfcul shearlings and other Russian-guy-style-leather-jackets to find something even remotely cool-looking. She enjoyed this. I do not.

So, first of all, where do I get a leather jacket? I'd like a place that stocks good quality by default. I've got something along the lines of a $300 budget for this, and I plan to wear it for at least five years (which is how long the one I'm wearing now has lasted so far) so it doesn't have to be a store that concentrates on stuff that's super-in right now. I'd rather not go vintage, and I'd rather not go chain.

Secondly, in stores run by Russian people, haggling for high-ticket items like leather or fur or refrigerators is not only okay, it's assumed. Am I going to be haggling for a leather jacket? Is it assumed in other places as well?

Finally, something like this would be awesome. I like big lapels that I can wear up, and I'm digging on that belt. Except I'd prefer it a bit more fitted -- I'm a small dude: 5'8"/135 lbs -- so that it doesn't look exactly like it came out of a one-size-fits-all factory in east Germany ca. 1975.
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I can't help you with the Russian community sources, but Schott NYC coats are excellent and they're known for their leather (The Ramones wore Schott Perfectos). Most of their leather range is over you say you're willing to spend, but doubling your budget will get you a coat that will last well beyond 5 years. They even have a fitted leather carcoat that looks similar to what you're seeking.

If you can get to Elizabeth, NJ, Schott holds a factory sale the first Saturday in December. Previous years were 8am – 12pm. Address is 1000 Jefferson Avenue. Discounts are steep.
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