Where can I get a slide projector in Atlanta tomorrow?
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Where can I get a slide projector in Atlanta tomorrow?

A friend bought a ton of old slides at a flea market and so far we've been looking at them just by holding them up to the light. I owe him a gift and I'd love to find him a working slide projector before I leave town tomorrow so that he'd be able to actually look at them all.

An antique would be fine, as long as it actually works. I'm not from the area, so I'm not sure which antique stores would possibly have something like this. I'm leaving tomorrow, so it would have to be something that could pick up locally. Any ideas?

Bonus points for one that actually looks kind of cool.
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Best answer: see mail
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KEH, I believe they are the nation's largest seller of used camera stuff, is right outside Atlanta. I've bought from them online several times and love them, their pricing and rating system, plus their awesome return policy. I love KEH. Living in NY, I'd trade B&H for KEH in a minute, that's how much I love them.
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