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For financial and quasi-environmental reasons, I live in a studio apartment with its own bathroom but with a shared kitchen down the hall. It's great except for one thing: I'd love to use my bathroom sink for kitchen-ish purposes, but the faucet and drain are too shallow. Is there anything I can attach to the faucet that'll give it a bit more flexibility - without breaking my lease or calling the plumber?

We're talking pretty standard equipment all around here - your basic bathroom hardware, with hot and cold out of one faucet. In terms of adaptors, I'd prefer something not too aesthetically displeasing, but I'm willing to weigh all sorts of options. My knowledge is relatively low, but I'm willing to learn - keeping in mind the installation constraints of apartment life. Thanks!
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There are a lot of various adapters that replace the aerator on the end of a faucet.You can get an adapter and spray hose kit. Your faucet "should" have an aerator OR a round hole with threads (aerator not installed).

This is a kitchen faucet aerator (basin faucet aerators are similar but slightly different) they ALL unscrew counter clockwise.The aerator could be internal or external threads.They generally unscrew fairly easy BUT some are tight and require vice grips or GOOD channel locks to remove. Take the aerator with you so you can match the thread to adapter aerators you might want.


The simplest way would be to get a universal garden hose to aerator adapter-a double ended braided stainless washing machine hose and a garden hose sprayer

universal male and female aerator X Male garden hose thread

stainless braided double end washing machine hose

you can use this with a garden sprayer if you can find a male thread version/ adapter for the double ended hose OR you could a short standard type garden hose

for a nicer finish

There ARE kitchen sprayer type kits that will adapt to aerators as well-ask at a Home Depot/Lowes etc using an aerator diverter with the spray hose thread on the side


other ways to do it



WARNING -if you install a hose with a spray valve on the end-MAKE SURE you turn off the water when not in use-otherwise the hot water will creep through your cold water system (this can crack toilet tanks and bowls)

Canadian company that sells lots of various parts that might have something to work for you


Hope this makes sense and helps you do what you want
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I have a similar problem (no kitchen) which I have solved by buying three tall plastic four-legged stools (similar: www.wallpaper.com/gallery/interiors/maarten-baas-exhibition-shanghai/17050511). On two of the stools, I put steel basins (one filled with soapy water, one with clean water for rinsing) which I use as my "kitchen sink." The third stool is where I put my bottom, to avoid back strain when I wash the dishes. I have access to boiling water in the hallway which I use for instant noodles and instant mashed potatoes. If I need to chop up onions, bean sprouts or other vegetables that require minimal or no cooking, I put a cutting board on the small coffee table which I have propped up on top of the sink. I use the "clean" basin for rinsing veggies or fruit before cutting them up. Don't know if this is appropriate for your situation (I have a reasonably sturdy sink).
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Best answer: This "Non-Obvious Solution" might help you a little.
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Response by poster: This "Non-Obvious Solution" might help you a little.

That's impressive. Thanks!
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